Need Advice on News and Digital Detritus

I’ve had a couple questions floating around in my organizationally-obsessed head and I was hoping you fine readers might have some input.

  1. What is your favorite way to get your news? I’m talking weather, politics, big news — not just RSS feeds from Gizmodo and the Pen Addict.
  2. How do you collect and track online tidbits — articles to read, review or remember for later? Do you use Readability, Delicious, Pocket or something else entirely? Do you use different services for personal content and business? Do you use the same app to track to-dos, projects and other digital detritus?

I’d prefer a service that can be accessed via web-based/cloud AND iPhone for both news and article/tidbit collecting.

Please leave your recommendations in the comments here. I’d really appreciate any input as I’ve floated from one option to another without finding one I’ve been really happy using.

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  1. I too have tried a lot of online “organizational” tools in the past but the things I have ended up continuing to use are:

    Google Reader for RSS and that IS where I get the majority of my news. I tend to shun mainstream propaganda…er…news…For weather it’s Weatherbug (on android) but it is a nice app on iPhone as well.

    For collecting information I use both Pocket (though not for long term storage, just stuff I want to read later) and Evernote which I SWEAR by. I’ve been an Evernote user since it was in beta and have a HUGE collection of recipes and other information kept there. Evernote has a great app for both Android and iPhone.

  2. I use google RSS reader, synced with Reeder app on iPhone and iPad. Seamless integration of feeds and function, including Mark As Read and Favourite.

  3. I use Evernote for the snippets of stuff around the web (it’s my own personal Pinterest which is not a service I use). Google Reader handles my RSS feeds, so I use Reeder religiously on my MacBook Air, iPad and iPhone. When I carry my Android, I use the generic Google Reader app on Android. For stuff I want to read later, I use Instapaper. The iPad app is excellent and I just use the website on my Android phone.

  4. I have the BBC news app to get actual news, and I usually log on once every couple of days. For day to day news and gossip, I use Twitter! Whenever something major/funny happens, Twitter usually knows about it so I can I rely on that to keep me up to date!

    Wth regards to savings titbits to read later, I use Instapaper, which is awesome. It’s free to use, although the app does cost something (I forget how much). It’s cloud-based and mine is synced across my iPad, iPhone and PC. You can add buttons to Safari in your phone and iPad (which I’ve done), and there’s an option to add it to Twitter apps (which I’ve also done). When you find something you want to read later, hit the button and it gets saved for you. I use Reeder as my RSS feed, and that too has a button to add to Instapaper if you’re too busy to read a post in full, or want to save it for later.

    I use just the one app to collect all my web browsing for later, but I do have folders on my Instapaper account so I can sort links. I sort things into craft projects to try, links for blog ideas, things I want to come back to in future, etc. I really recommend Instapaper!

  5. I use a combination of things:

    – for my bookmarks, that are synced with the cloud. These bookmarks are for long-term storage of links that I may need later. Not necessarily for sharing; an account costs about $10.

    – Pocket is my “read later” solution. I switched from Instapaper to Pocket because Pocket has a better app for my Android. Also, they have iPhone/iPad apps and browser apps (of course).

    – For pictures I want to keep and my “wishlist” I’ve got a Pinterest account. I was using SpringPad for that, but I’m thinking of going to a true note solution that syncs with SimpleNote; I’m still undecided. Notational Velocity works on Android so that’s for notes on the go.

    – For breaking news, I usually will turn on the radio (NPR) or listen to one of my various BBC and NPR streams on the internet. Also, Twitter is pretty good about getting links to breaking news out to you, depending on who you follow. Google Reader is my RSS reader. I use Reeder on my Mac Air and I don’t bother with news on the phone.

    – For weather, I use the Fancy Widgets app on my phone. If’ I’m on the computer, I just go to

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