Saki Collection Pen Roll

The Saki Collection pen roll (P-661) is a fabric pen roll available in six different traditional Japanese fabrics. The P-666 which is another variety of the same design available in seven solid colors with contrasting ties, if you are not a pattern lover.

The case holds about six pens, two in each of the three divided areas. Thinner pens or pencils might fit up to four in each compartment. Its a good option to keep finer pens from rubbing against one another if you store just one pen per compartment. My pens aren’t so fine that I need to be that cautious. It definitely is a better solution for full length pens, my little Kawecos and Ohto Tasche got sort of lost in the compartment though they did seem quite cozy all tucked in.

The Saki Collection pen roll is a lovely, elegant option at a reasonable price. Is it time to give your pens a classier home?

Available from JetPens for $13

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  1. Hi,

    I was hoping you’d be able to comment on whether the roll is long enough to hold unsharpened Blackwing pencils, possibly with a cap on top (for sharpened ones)?


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