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We all know and love JetPens but what if they are sold out of something or you are hoping to find a new, different product not currently carried at our fine friends… then what can you do?

I thought I might round-up a few of my other favorite online vendors who specialize in Asian Office Supplies. Hope you find a new goody or two!

  • MyMaido MyMaido carries a lot of similar merchandise to JetPens but has a wider variety of the cute products like San-X including the giant Rilakkuma recently featured on Warehouse 13. So, there’s everything from the tools for serious business to the toys for your inner tween. They also believe in the free shipping for orders over $25.
  • Poketo Poketo carries a lot of non-stationery products but I’m giving you the link straight to the stationery section which offers a great variety of goodies I seldom see anywhere. There’s more of a focus on paper goods over pens and writing tools but there are a few.
  • Tokyo Pen Shop If JetPens is sold out or isn’t carrying your favorite nib size or color, Tokyo Pen Shop might have what you need. They also offer free shipping on orders over $25.
  • Cute Tape Cute Tape sells a large range of washi tapes, rubber stamps and more crafty products but they do stock a range of stationery products and some pens.
  • Happy Tape If you have a weakness for washi tape, this is the place for you.
  • Notemaker carries not just pens and pencils galore but also a good variety of Asian office goodies like O-Check and Midori.

Did I miss any great internet troves of pens, paper and office goodies? Leave a comment if you’re willing to share your favorite secret stash.


I just found UGUiSU today, another site that specializes in Japanese paper, craft and gift items. Looks very intriguing.

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