Click and Stick Pushpins

I am notorious for misplacing my pushpins, not to mention repeatedly stabbing myself with the pointy ends so this new product, the Click and Stick is a “push pen,” for lack of a better term. Load in a stack of thumb tacks and then slide to push the tack into the bulletin board.

(Thanks to Julie Bestry @ProfOrganizer on Twitter)

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  1. Isn’t it nifty? As a professional organizer, I already spend my day collecting paper cuts as if they were state quarters (yes, sigh, people DO still do that), and as a person with diabetes, I already have to intentionally poke my fingers multiple times each day to test my blood sugar. Reaching into a drawer to find a pushpin without stabbing myself almost seemed like a pipe dream, so this new Quirky product is really a delight. I knew you’d think so, too.

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