From our fine readers…

I have received several questions and recommendations from our fine readers so I thought I might start an infrequent post series “From our fine readers”. Shall we begin?

Illustration by Erik Marinovich

Mark recommended a recent story from The Smithsonian Magazine on the history of the @ symbol. Great article about one of my favorite little glyphs.

Nathalie asked if we knew of a weekly planner that started on Sunday instead of Monday. This was a challenge and in the end, I found very few options. My first thought is a blank weekly planner that would allow you to fill in your days and dates as you pleased like the Droplet DIY Planner available as a PDF download from Etsy. The Seeso Better Day Planner is also undated. Thanks to help from Tammy at Notemaker, I found that Filofax sells refill pages that start on Sunday ($10.50 and available for 2012 and 2013). The only size available is the “personal” size which fits into a planner binder that is about 5″ x  7 .5″. I found a binder on sale for $16.50 in red or orange called the Domino. Or, if money is no issue, Filofax also has an alligator skin cover that retails for $2300.

Rebekha asked if I’d ever tried the Arwey brand of notebooks and journals. I have not yet treid them but Notebook Stories did a review of some of the Arwey products back in 2010. Paper Love Story also reviewed a couple versions of the Arwey. I hope this helps and maybe Arwey will send me a couple books to test and giveaway (hint, hint).

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