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I talk a lot about finding the perfect notebook or agenda but sometimes figuring out how to use your book that is as important as whether the paper is 90gms, unlined, hardcover, A5-sized or pocket-sized, grid, reporter-style. Rookie provided this get “get started” guide if you are feeling a bit stuck. The great advantage to using a paper notebook is that it can be anything or everything. You can put all your notes, drawings and plans in one book or have a different book for each purpose.


Do you keep more than one notebook at a time? Please leave a note in the comments about the best way you’ve found to keep all your brilliant thoughts and ideas on paper.

(via Rookie all images from Rookie contributor Emma Dajska)

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  1. I keep one personal notebook and one work notebook. The closest thing to work in my personal notebook would be comments about something that’s happened at work or notations that explain to future-me that I was in (insert location here) as another work assignment. I began putting vague notes about the assignment if it has an effect on what I was writing. My personal notebook goes with me everywhere.

    My work notebook is for taking random notes at meetings, jotting down items from phone calls, etc. It is disposed of when it runs out (after a flip-thru to make sure there’s nothing I need to tear out and file). My work notebook goes everywhere when I’m working or when I think I might need to use it. If work happens when I’m without it, I’ll do what’s needed in my personal notebook then rip out those pages out to be clipped to the work notebook.

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