Midori Pen Holder

Midori Pen Holder

Several weeks ago I purchased the Midori pen/cardholder from Notemaker ($8.30US). Its a blue-grey plastic vinyl with a clear plastic sleeve to hold a standard ID or business card. It has an adhesive back to attach to your Midori (or in my case, my Pelle) notebook which will keep a pen secure as well as providing a place to put contact information in case your notebook should ever go astray.

Instructions on the Midori Pen Holder packaging

The instructions on the back suggest putting it on the cover or on the inside of the front cover but I decided to stick mine on the inside of the back cover. It actually made the back of the notebook a bit stiffer so that its a little easier to write notes while standing but if you tend to tuck your Midori or Pelle in a pocket, it doesn’t bend as easily with the pen holder attached.

Loaded with card and pen

At first, I tried a LePen in the pen loop but it is too skinny and pretty much just slides right out.

In my Pelle Journal

My Muji mechanical pencil which is about the same width stayed in place because of the clip and the elastic certainly helps. Look how banged up the cover of my book is getting! I just love how its weathering!

(Note: Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Multipen from JetPens, MT washi tape from City’Super in Hong Kong, Kaweco ink cartridge holder from Notemaker, By Pigeon Stamp from Letter Writers Alliance)

In my Pelle Journal

I put a Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto multipen into the pen loop which was a bit of a snug fit but it worked. Its a nice little add-on for my notebook as I am not quite ready to do anything to the cover of my notebook and the cool little camera charm that I bought at City’Super in Hong Kong snapped off somewhere in mainland China.

Do you accessorize your Midori or Pelle? Or modify any of your notebooks? Share you tips and recommendations in the comments please!

There are other colors available and a smaller size available as well.

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  1. I saw this the other day on this website ResorShop.com and got myself two for my different notebooks. I try to keep it mix up with my Traveler’s Notebook and Moleskine. I use them differently but LOVE them equally.

    PS. Addicted to your blog!

  2. I like this and I wonder how well it will stick. I have the Midori pocket stickers and they stick pretty well. Just wondering if this will be the same with me pulling the pen out and putting it in all the time. I do like the concept for sure.

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