Tired of the cable soup

As a bit of a neat freak, the swarm of white spaghetti on my desk everyday is making me twitchy. All the cables required to hook my laptop into  the ethernet, external monitor, power and wacom tablet are more than I can stomach any longer. So this morning I went in search of a tidier solution. Behold, the Henge Dock. It mounts your laptop vertically so all the spaghetti comes out of one hole in the back. The docking station for a 15″ MacBook Pro is $69.95. I found a review on MacWorld that suggested that the initial set-up is a little fussy but once all the cables are set into place, day-to-day usage is a breeze. The weight of the machine keeps the cables docked securely and the vertical positioning keep the machine better ventilated.

Is anyone using a docking station for their computer? Was it a good investment?

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