Are you an office supply junkie?


  1. You have more than three cups on your desk – and they’re all full of your “daily use pens and pencils”.
  2. Roller ball, fountain, gel, ball point, liquid ink… you have at least one of each and can describe the difference and why you prefer one over the other
  3. You have an entire shelf full of unused notebooks, yet still buy more.
  4. Fountain pens mean a new collection — inks!
  5. You become weak-kneed when you spy a great looking tape dispenser or stapler.
  6. There is more than one calendar within view right now (planner, diary, journal, wall, etc all count)
  7. There’s no such thing as too many blank note cards.
  8. You have your own stationery cupboard.
  9. Nothing makes you happier than a trip to the nearest office supply shop.
  10. You write a blog about your addiction.

How did you rate?

(this list was modified from original list by Office Supply Queen which is awesome but I took some creative liberties with it)

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    1. Nicole and A Little Angry, the pencil case is called a Kokuyo Kaddy. I originally purchased it from JetPens but they are no longer stocked there. I did some searching and it appears the item may have been discontinued.

      I’ve seen similar items sold by Mead at big box office supply stores like Office Depot.

  1. I think the eleventh question on the list, if there were to be additions, should read:

    You can look at online photos of office supplies and identify the brand and model of the items with their labels turned away from the camera 🙂

    The twelfth question might be:

    You get distressed when a blogger reviews a product and you find out that it is no longer available anywhere 🙁

    Just a thought . . .

  2. I scored 92 only because I am not a fountain pen user nor am I a blogger but reading all that I can find should be worth some points. I earned extra credit on questions #3 and #7. Great post.

  3. 9/10 (the only thing I’m missing is blogging about my stationary addiction!)
    I’m notorious for going into a bookstore and coming out with a couple of new notebooks. I have an entire drawer full of them, and am starting to have some overflow…..

  4. Now I know what to write (and photograph) for my next letter to you rather than bore you with wedding stuff!

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