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I’m so tickled with this month’s Goulet Pens Ink Drop ink sample subscription that I couldn’t wait to share. The colors this month are from one ink manufacturer called Scribal Work Shop and the series is called Cryptid. All the colors are inspired by mythical creatures. What could be more perfect for October?

I filled each one of my budget fountain pens with a color using my cartridge syringe filling method and tested them out. My Kaweco Student got the Kraken, my white Kaweco Sport got the Zhulong, the Ohto Tasche got the Nessie, my Muji was filled with Leviathan and my Kaweco Sport Guilloch was filled with the Siren color.

October 2012 Ink Drop

First I have to say that Leviathan, the green ink is one of my favorite greens thus far. Its not a kelly green but more of a greyish green. I love it! Siren ends up being a slightly midnight blue with a little greenish undertone. I’m not normally a fan of plain blue ink but I sort of like this one. Nessie is a muted purple which is also a great color. Zhulong is a red ink with a little orange undertone — it will not go pink on you. Kraken is a black but not a super dark black, at least not to my eyes — its more on the grey side.

Since doing the ink sample test, I’ve written several pages with each color and they all seem to be performing fairly well in each pen with an assortment of colors. I am using fine nib pens overall and my comment is that the inks seem a little dry. The dryness has worked to my advantage on my Leuchtturm 1917 pocket notebook which has fairly thin paper and I had no feathering or bleeding.

Goulet Pens posted an in-depth video about the Scribal colors on their blog, Ink Nouveau.

Each bottle of this ink is available for a mere $8 a bottle from Goulet Pens and I might buy them all.

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  1. Ooh, inking up the white pen with Zhulong was a perfect choice, the combination is fantastic!
    I have my eyes set up on Kraken, hopefully they’ll start carrying samples soon 🙂

  2. So I know this is from 2012, but what ever happened to Scribal Workshops and their Cryptid inks? They were quite a hot topic back then and I never got a chance to try them out. They looked like a really cool set.

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