Nicely Noted Notecard Subscriptions

Last week, I listed several of the paper-related subscription services. I failed to mention Nicely Noted which is a letterpress notecard subscription service. Once a month a kit arrives with three cherry-picked letterpress notecards and postage (current USPS stamps). You can purchase a monthly subscription for $18 or select a gift subscription of  2-, 3-, 6-months or a year.

If you do not live in a major metropolitan area with access to independent card shops, Paper Source or the like, this would be a great way to get some small press stationery. It would also make a great gift for your favorite letter writer.

(Photography by Kate Lesueur, All Rights Reserved.)

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  1. I recently learned that Lost Crates is closing up shop…until further notice. Shop in their online store & save 55% on your entire order with this code “CRATECRATECRATE”. While supplies last, of course…

  2. I just joined Rad and Hungry and one called “It’s Paper, Dear” from an Etsy member. I’m interested in joining one more to compare and contrast. Lost Crates seemed a little too pricey to me, but I’m shocked to hear that they’re bellying up. I think perhaps they expanded into too many areas.

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