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I know a lot of people think its ridiculous to spend a lot of money on a cell phone case or an iPad cover but, if you read this blog regularly, you may agree that sometimes its worth it to spend more for good quality and great aesthetics. It just makes the day-to-day dradgery a little more bearable.

A good example of this is the tech products available from Kate Spade. Sure, they are a little more expensive than products directly from Apple but not by much. The silicone Exclamation Point case for the iPhone 4/4s is $35 and the glossy, hard plastic 2-layer iPhone 4/4s cases are $40. I recently purchased the mulit-colored, polka dot  La Pavillion case which I really like and is aesthetically a step-up from my dingy Apple bumper that I had been using.

This USB ring is a fun little trinket for the chic-and-geeky girl. Its a mere 4gb for $50 but let’s think holiday stocking stuffers, gentlemen!

The “Notes to Self” iPad cover is a fun alternative to protecting your iPad and is not overly girly. Its pricey at $85 though. There is also a coordinating iPhone case at $40.

And I saved my favorite product for last. I have had a challenge finding earbuds that fit comfortably in my ears. The stock Apple buds do not work and the new earpods are also not in my future. I have been suing a pair of small Sony ear buds for about five years and have really wanted a new pair. Then I found these Kate Spade La Pavilion ear buds in a cute but understated polka dot pattern. They come with three sizes of silicone ear pieces (small, medium and large) and feature a fabric wrapped cord instead of the silicone plastic-coated cords found on most ear buds. The connector is designed to fit in an array of products and will work with any of the iPhone covers I’ve tried. Is it fabulous sound quality for $40? No, probably not but if you use ear buds to listen to podcasts, audiobooks or just to drown out the grating sounds of your office, then these will work just fine. They cost $40 and there are also two other color combinations available: pink/orange and purple/red which both have black-and-white colored cords.

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