All the Votes are in!

We’ve tallied up all the votes for the favorite writing tool and the results surprised me a little bit. Fountain pens won by a landslide with 62 votes. Gel pens were the next closest with a mere 13 votes followed by the faithful pencil with ten votes. rollerballs got nine votes and ballpoints and felt and fiber tips brought up the rear with six votes each.

If you are curious, I voted for felt/fiber tips because, as much as I love my fountain pens, I almost always have a LePen or Micron in my bag. My third place goes to pencils because they work anywhere, don’t leak, don’t freeze and are basically awesome.

Of course, we also have drawn a winner for our $25 gift certificate from JetPens which should be delivered to the winner sometime today.

Congrats to Morgan and thanks to everyone who entered the drawing and participated in our first-ever writing tool election.

PS: I did this drawing via paper because I did not realize that people could comment both on the blog post and through the PollDaddy poll so I wanted everyone to have a fair chance. In the future, I’ll see if I can turn commenting off on PollDaddy to avoid confusion and me spending an hour cutting out paper.

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