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  1. She didn’t actually write at her desk–she wrote in her boudoir in the morning (in bed, propped up on piles of pillows.) Image search for her bedroom–it’s all glorious! (She wrote a classic book on interior decoration.)

  2. Do we know what pen(s) Wharton used?
    And by “we”, I obviously mean somebody else because I know nothing. 😉

    1. Just found this quote:

      “A fountain pen of Wharton’s was purchased at auction with funds donated by Jonas Dovydenas, Bryce Hill, Guy Robinson and Stephanie Copeland. Made by Conklin Pens in Toledo, Ohio in 1925, the lever fountain pen is made of green marbleized plastic with an 18k gold nib stained with blue ink. It is accompanied by a black lacquered case.”

      (via http://www.iberkshires.com/story/12420/The-Mount-s-Wharton-collection-grows.html )

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