Gift Guide? No, Let’s call it my Wish List

I know everyone wants to see a holiday gift guide but there are so many out there right now… its just a sea of them. There are so many great gift ideas at Discover Paper and so many other places that I feel like I’d be redundant.  So I thought I’d mix it up and show you some of the goodies on my wish list this year.

  1. Wooden envelope templates from Paper Pastries $15-$20
  2. TWSBI Mini fountain pen from Goulet Pens $50
  3. Decole Old Desk Sticky Notes from Japanese Gift Market $8.50
  4. Staedtler Pencil Holder from Jet Pens $29.50
  5. Koh-i-noor Magic marble erasers from £1.25
  6. Letter Opener from Izola $20
  7. E+M 5.5mm wooden pencil lead holder with sharpener base from JetPens $30
  8. Supplies canvas zipper case from Izola $28
  9. Wood textured notebooks from Site NYC $14 each for 6×8.5″
  10. E+M Fluorescent Pencil Leads from Jet Pens Pack of 6 for $9.50

What’s on your wish list?

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