Dreaming of a better writing desk

Catherine Moorland's writing desk

I’m off to write some letters and holiday cards this afternoon. Envision me like this and not the reality which is mismatched pajamas and piles of papers strewn everywhere, not to mention the view out my window is grey and leafless. I’ll try to write as if I was the dreamy Catherine Moorland of Northanger Abbey and not a twenty-first century girl living in the midwest. Dream your own big dreams today!

(image from Northanger Abbey via Le Projet D’Amour)

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  1. A writing slope was one thing that I have yearned long for. I bought one a year ago; nearer the less pricey end of the range than the other. It is a beautiful item, a military version with the knocks and scrapes of something well used and that has seen some action. I doubt anyone of note has ever written a letter upon its slope, but it is nice to fantasise about the young officer writing home to his loved one, penning tales of the good and bad of his week, the strength of the men he commands and his worries that he is up to the job, but having to have an air of the man in charge.

  2. I’ve been eyeing one of these online for a time now. I write with fountain pens and notebooks and I have to wonder if it would be more comfortable to write on than a flat desktop. There is a company that seems to be producing them new due to the popularity of the new Lincoln film that featured them in its background decor. The problem is where to store it? Beautiful as the slope is, it would be awkward to store when not needed.

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