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Lauren Conrad collected some great tips on interviewing like a pro. Some of the tips are specifically lady-related (hair out of your face) but many tips can apply to men as well (like not tweeting post-interview and writing a thank you note).


I love her tips but I didn’t think the image Lauren used represented the proper look for an interview. The skirt and sweater combo was perfect but the messy hair and the sandals were not appropriate for an interview. She needed that ‘do tied into a sleek low ponytail and flats or modest heels. So says me. I say, ladies, find your inner Grace Kelly prior to a big meeting or interview and save the sandals and loose ‘do for casual Fridays.

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  1. I believe that outfit is completely unacceptable for an interview. It’s too casual (unless the person is applying for a casual job). It’s also far too “multi-colored” for an interview. I used to always wear my hair pulled back for interviews. I will now wear it down, but it must look perfect. I will put product in it and make sure that it doesn’t overwhelm my face or easily fall into my face. I no longer polish my nails, either, but they are well maintained, smooth cuticles, neatly filed, and buffed before my interview. I even wear makeup. Usually my makeup is “natural look” but for interviews, it’s a touch above natural look, and I do wear lipstick. My earrings are studs or extremely tiny hoops or similar type earrings, and my necklace is a very simple lock or a strand of pearls. I have been told I’m old fashioned for job interviews, but you never know the age of the person you’re interviewing for. If it’s someone in their 30s then perhaps they’ll find it stodgy, but they generally don’t hold it against my job performance, and if it’s someone who’s 60, they expect a certain level for an interview.

    Flipflops are absolutely unacceptable. I have a 2″ pair of heels that I generally wear, but I believe that well polished flats (not ballet flats or maryjanes!) can we ok, too. I wear a real suit – if it’s a skirt suit then I do wear pantyhose.

    I also don’t think she posted enough questions to be prepared for. There are lots of websites out there with a plethora of questions to be prepared for, but I think the most important part is that you should be prepared to get a question you haven’t considered. Take the time to form a thoughtful response (not too long!). Sometimes folks purposely throw in weird questions just to see how you respond in a high pressure situation to a really difficult thing. Example that I hope I never see – “If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?” I know someone who got that question, and she said that after she had the job she chatted with the interviewer about the question. It was just to see if the interviewee could handle the bizarre question without becoming flustered. Their answers were irrelevant.

    1. Thanks for the great comment! I agree about her outfit. If you are in my field (design, creative, etc) than the overall outfit would work but its better to go a bit more conservative for the interview. Let your resume and portfolio do the talking.

      And great advice about the interview questions! I’ll definitely try to do a follow-up in the future.

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