Pilot Petit2 Sign Pen

Pilot Sign Pen Mini in blue-black

I recently bought a Pilot Petit2 Sign Pen in blue-black. You can pretty much talk me into to buying any pen if its blue-black (check!)  and under $3 (check!). It is just a fraction of an inch longer than my Kaweco Sport so its nicely pocket-able.

It also fills that in-between width: the point is wider than a LePen or Sharpie Pen but much narrower than a Sharpie fine point marker. Am I the only person who thinks there’s a gap in their pen-nib-width options?

If blue-black is too austere for you, there are lots of other color options and the Petit2 line includes brush pens and fountain pens. All are refillable with ink cartridges though I’m not sure what the lifespan is on the fiber-tip.

Pilot Petit2 fibe tip pens

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  1. This looks like a terrific pen (I too LOVE blue-black), but I’m not so fond of the small size. Do you have any recommendations for similar writing in a full size pen? Thanks, and keep up the good work!

    1. I believe some folks have tried to eyedropper the Pilot Petit just remember to add silicone grease to all the threads before attempting.

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