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I have been using a Paper & Type Letter Ledger for almost a year and I just love it. Its is designed to help keep track of letters received and letters sent. There is space to include notes about the incoming correspondence and your outgoing message like Aunt Jean sent a new pair of mittens and I replied back with a thank you card and include to dates. I am an active member of the Letter Writers Alliance and several of my pen pals live overseas so its often a month or more between letters and the ledger helps me keep track of when a letter was sent and what was the last event I wrote about.  Its a very simple, nicely designed product. Its a horizontal format 7″x5.25″, spiral-bound book with kraft paper cardstock covers and six squares per page to fill with your correspondence notes. The paper is adequately fountain pen friendly. Some black inks will show through the page but do not bleed. The only pens that bleed on the stock are the standard alcohol-based inks like Sharpie markers. After eleven months, I’m just halfway through the book and I’m a fairly prolific writer so its a good investment at $18.

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Following my success with the Letter Ledger, I feel confident in recommending another product from Paper & Type, the Perpetual Planner. It is an undated planner with a week-on-two-pages and room to add additional information like goals for the week and people, places, and things encountered. It’s 5.25″x7″ with the same kraft paper covers, spiral binding and paper used in the Letter Ledger. There are enough pages to track a year’s worth of activity whether you start on January 1 or April 11. Its currently on sale for $16 so order one soon.

perpetual planner inside

EDIT (2/9/14): New link to access the Letter Ledger and Perpetual Planner.

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