Update: Dr. Ion and the Well-Appointed Traveler

Dr. Ion Super Mega Pencil Case

I was just doing a little holiday research (because who doesn’t want something from JetPens at the holidays) and stumbled across a most-coveted item. The Kutsuwa Dr. Ion Super Mega Pencil Case ($36) is now available at JetPens. I first saw the Dr. Ion case in action over on Felt & Wire where Jennie Hinchcliff of Red Letter Day kindly showed off what her travelling letter-writing kit included and have been lusting after one ever since. Now, JetPens is stocking not only the epically-sized Super Mega Pencil Case but also the slightly more demure Mega Pencil Case ($22.50). I wasn’t planning on adding a new item to my wishlist, but really… can you blame me?

Dr. Ion Mega Pencil Case

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