Ask The Desk: Full-Sized Blue-Black Sign Pen


In reference to my post about the Pilot Petit2 Blue Black Sign Pen, reader Ryan asked:

This looks like a terrific pen (I too LOVE blue-black), but I’m not so fond of the small size. Do you have any recommendations for similar writing in a full size pen? Thanks, and keep up the good work!

So, here’s my solution:

The Platinum Preppy Sign Pen has a similar fibrous tip to the Pilot Petit2 Sign Pen and is a refillable. By default, there is not a blue-black model listed on JetPens BUT you can buy a blue-black refills which work in the Preppy fountain pen or marker. The pen costs $2.50 and the blue-black refills are $1.65 for two refills and replacement tips are $1.65 for two.

There are lots of other sign pens available but being both refillable and blue-black, this was the only option I could find in a full-sized pen. Anyone know another option?

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