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Illustration by Sam Coldy
Illustration by Sam Coldy

My favorite holidays seem to be the ones about starting new. I love New Year’s because I can crack open a brand new planner and begin to plot my projects and goals for the coming year. I like Lunar New Year for a chance to re-boot those goals and plans a few weeks later. I love the Back-to-School season here in the US for the chance, after a long, hot summer, to get back to those plans I so carefully put into place back in January and give myself one more push to be successful before the end of the year. Clearly, my urge to plan and organize runs deep.

Let me first explain that I don’t set monumentally unachievable goals for my New Year’s resolutions. I like tasks I can actually accomplish so I pick things I’ve wanted to do or try but have put off or never gotten around to doing. Think more like a yearly bucket list.

For 2013 I’d like to:

  • Start a Well-Appointed Desk Shop. I want to sell some of my vintage office supplies, custom rubber stamps and grab bags of products I’ve tested and reviewed. I need to make room for new stuff!
  • I want to stick with one planner all year
  • I want to paint my studio and find a new desk
  • Improve my penmanship (ongoing struggle to slow down and use good tools)
  • Add a SSD to my laptop for faster everything

What’s on your New Year’s resolution list this year?

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  1. I can’t wait to see your “shop”. I always think that mine are manageable at the start of the year and I work well towards mine until summer hits and then it seems to take a huge nose dive.

    My goals for this year are to read 6 classic novels (in addition to the other stuff I regularly read) and clear out my email inbox to make it a lot more manageable, sounds easily and simple right?

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