Lefty Sharpener

Lefty Sharpener

I grew up using right-handed sharpeners because I didn’t know there were any other kind. I got used to holding a pencil in my left hand, sharpener in my right and twisting the pencil away from me. A left-handed sharpener allows me to sharpen towards myself. I never seemed to get a consistent point twisting away so I was hoping that the Lefty sharpeners would give me a proper angle to  sharpen my pencils without too much wood left on one side or the other.

I received a new Lefty 2-hole magnesium-alloy pencil sharpener for Christmas. I already owned the larger Lefty sharpener with shavings holder but I was wanting something smaller and more portable. This smaller sharpener has no container to trap shavings but does include extra blades under the red plastic cover and openings to sharpen standard pencils as well as larger jumbo or art pencils. It sharpens with a nice even point though a little shorter than what I would prefer. I did not get uneven sharpening. Its well-constructed, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. If you are having trouble with right handed sharpeners, either model of the Lefty sharpener would be a good alternative and both use good German blades.

However, for me, its taking a good deal of mental re-learning to twist towards myself after years of muscle-memory twisting away. Is it too late to teach this old dog new tricks?

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