Sparco Letter Opener

Sparco Letter Opener

Awhile back I expounded on my love for an old plastic letter opener but bemoaned how hard it had been to found any new ones. Well, lookie what I found! It is from a company called Sparco and the cost for this little beauty was a mere $1.50 at the beloved Pieritz in Oak Park. It works like a champ. It has no markings on it at all and its is a lovely translucent blue plastic.

If you’ve never used one of these, you just slip the pointy bit under the gap on the envelope flap and slide it along to use the small razor to cleanly slice open the top of the envelope. I love them because it does not damage a decorated envelope from a mail artist and it makes quick work of bills and junk mail.

I looked all over the internet for an online retailer who sells these. I found a shop called Wayfair Supply that sold the Sparco letter opener for $1.08 each in three assorted colors.

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  1. I’ve been working in offices for twenty years, and I have always used this kind of letter opener. I have a few decorative “stick style” letter openers, but they do not work as well as this. I don’t open envelopes very often in my current position, so I have been utilizing the tip of a pair of scissors. I’ve had to do the same at home for the last several months because I keep forgetting to pick up a new letter opener.

    When you said that a “regular” letter opener are hard to find. I assumed everyone uses this style! I went to Office Max and Staples websites where I discovered that they are not the most common kind being sold! has some, but the ones you found at Wayfair Supply are cheaper.

    I think I need to purchase several of these to stockpile for a possible future where it’s impossible to find them!

  2. I’ve always had one of these gizmos in my home studio, but my last one broke and I have not replaced it. I have been meaning to do so, but I was having trouble finding them. Many paper related office supply items seem to be disappearing like the dodo bird. I like these. They are more ergonomic than my previous brand and don’t have logos all over them. Thanks for the find and the links!

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