Black is Beautiful


By far, the most popular ink color for pens is black. And for markers, be they art-making tools or big, bold utility markers, black is the go-to color. Which is why the new website Black is Beautiful is a great resource for lovers of felt/fiber-tipped markers. Included in their database is paint pens, washable markers and permanent alcohol-based markers like Sharpie.So far, there are over 100 markers in their database.

The site is beautifully arranged and features photos of each marker in the database. The site does not feature reviews of each pen but does provide detailed images and info about each pen. I do hope in the future they add more user information about the more commonly available pens.


Black is Beautiful is scheduled to be updated on a weekly basis, adding more pens to the database. At present, a limited edition poster is available for purchase for $50 for Canada and $75 for US (prices include shipping).

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