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The big news this week in the world of notebooks is the new limited edition Mickey Mouse Moleskines. The notebooks are available in the pocket and large size. Each cover is debossed with classic drawings of the famous mouse. Inside, the end papers are filled with sketches and each notebook includes an instructive drawing guide so that you, too, can draw Mickey Mouse.

Even though the Moleskine paper isn’t great for fountain pens, the notebooks are well-built and classic and how can you not love classic Mickey? (FYI: Walt Disney started his mouse empire just a few blocks from where I work now. I can even walk past the building where it all started!)

(via Flavorwire)
(via Flavorwire)


These Moleskines are going to be popular and sell out fast so if you are interested, you might want to order one ASAP.

Our friends Down Under at Notemaker are currently carrying both the large notebook is plain and lined ($39.95 AU) and the pocket notebook in plain paper and lined ($29.95 AU). Remember, Well-Appointed Desk readers receive a 10% on purchases at Notemaker by entering the code “WELLAPPDESK12” at checkout. The Mickey Moleskines can also be purchased directly from Moleskine ($18.95 and $24 for pocket and large respectively) or from Jenni Bick (on sale for $17.06 and $21.60 for pocket and large respectively).

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