Coming Soon: New Postal-themed Rubber Stamps

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve got new stamp designs coming to the shop in the next week or so. The designs are postally-themed like the ones shown here plus a couple other new designs. These are all original designs based on the looks of vintage air mail  envelopes and postage.

Some will be available with the classic wood handle and other in the smaller, more compact wood block style.  I like the handle-style because they fit on my vintage stamp carousel but I also like the wood blocks as they are more portable. Let me know if you’all have a preference.

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  1. I’ve never owned stamps before, but I have been eyeing a few to use on envelopes. These are awesome. I saw one recently from a penpal that said, “Sending this to put a smile on your face,” and decided that it’s really important to have some mail-relevant stamps. Yours are cute. The good mail and deliver to are my favorites.

    I am not sure if I have a favorite or not. I do love those stamp carousels. I’ve always had them at places I work (I used to work for a design engineer firm, and now I work for a construction firm – PE stamps are compiled on a carousel). In fact, I think they have an empty one at work that I might be able to get for my very own. So I’m learning towards the ones on a handle. Besides, handles are cool (but not as cool as bowties).

  2. I get the appeal of stamps with a handle but think I would prefer the wood block style. Thanks for asking! I look forward to seeing the new stamps.

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