Edelstein Amber Ink Sample Impressions

Edelstein Amber Ink

My pal on Twitter Jose included this “surprise sample” of ink in our recent ink swap. I had to message him to find out exactly what ink it was and it turned out to be the Pelikan Edelstein Amber ink, their “color of the year”.  I was playing around with my Noodlers Creaper Flex pen ($14) which I have not used much as I can’t seem to get it to write consistently. The Edelstein Amber shaded beautifully, when I could get the pen to write. The color fluctuates between a pale amber orange to a lovely deep walnut depending on how much ink has been laid down.

The Edelstein inks are a line from Pelikan and they have deemed the Amber their color of the year and it is a limited edition.The name “Edelstein” means “gemstone”and the colors clearly adhere to a jewel palette. The bottles are beautiful too, as if I needed an aesthetic reason to like these inks.

This is my first experience with the Pelikan Edelstein line though I’ve used the 4001 series of inks for years. It seems to be as a good a quality as the 4001 and I look forward to trying it out in some other pens in the future. This whole experiment also made me realize I’ve never posted a review of the Noodlers Creaper … I need to work with it a bit more to determine if the issue is with the pen or the user.

Having tried this sample, I’m definitely interested in trying out some of the other Edelstein inks. Anderson Pens has a nice round-up of sample writings using the other colors in the line.

Other more detailed reviews of the Edelstein Amber ink may be found here:

A bottle of the Amber ink may be purchased from Goulet Pens for $25. Other Edelstein colors are available from Goulet, JetPens or other pen retailers.

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  1. Looks like a lovely shading ink. A little bit out of my price range (Iroshizuku was a super big splurge for me) but looks like it’s well worth every penny 🙂 Love your handwriting!

  2. Gorgeous ink! I picked up a bottle recently and am already thinking I’ll need a second! (I have a useless Creaper as well. Fortunately, a kind friend sent me an actual working one and it’s really quite nice. I’ve tried everything under the sun to get my own Creaper to work to no avail… sigh).

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