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(via Tom Bihn Flickr)
(via Tom Bihn Flickr)

Yesterday, a co-worker showed me his Tom Bihn Field Journal and I was fascinated. I’ve visited the Tom Bihn site in the past because people always rave about the bags that they make but I had not seen the Field Journal product before. My co-worker had filled his journal with printouts of all the projects he was working on and using it as a great way to tote his notes to and from meetings all over our gigantic campus.

(via Tom Bihn Flickr)
(via Tom Bihn Flickr)

The Field Journal is a small 3-ring binder with a zip-around cover. The outside includes a pocket with a key strap and room to carry lots of little bits. The paper inside measures 5.5″x8.5″ (US half-sheet) and each journal comes filled with 100 sheets of lined or grid paper. For an extra $7, you can upgrade the paper to Crane though the site is not specific about the exact paper. Inside there are pockets to hold pens and other tools. When zipped, there are carrying handles and a strap to be able to carry the binder over your shoulder for easy carrying.

(via Tom Bihn Flickr)
(via Tom Bihn Flickr)

For a more thorough description and demo of the bag, check out the video. Towards the end of the video, they demonstrate how to flip the 3-ring binder to be on the right-hand side for lefties. I love any company that thinks about how to accommodate us lefties!

The Field Journal is available in four colors, base price is $80.

UPDATE: Both The Pen Addict and Okami/Pens Paper Inks…Whatever wrote extensive reviews of the Tom Bihn Field Journal if you’d like some hands-on information.

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  1. I live in England but it seems that I am unable to buy your field journal. I am a watercolourist and think your product would be perfect for small painting projects, but it seems that it is unavailable to me because it appears that you do not ship out of the USA. What a pity.

    1. As for their shipping policies, I couldn’t find information about whether they ship internationally or not but you can definitely email them for more information.

      1. Thank you Ana. It’s the best small art bag that I have seen for sketching etc. I can’t find anything like it in England. I hope it is produced again and that it can be shipped to me.

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