Ink Drop: March 2013

Ink Drop March 2013

Once again, I am woefully behind on posting the Goulet Pens Ink Drop reveals. At least, I’m not spoiling the surprise for anyone who is waiting for their colors to arrive in the post this way.

This month was the darkest of the darks, called Fade to Black, to go along with everyone’s murky feeling about the gray, slushy March we faced. Hopefully, as it is now April, we can all look at these dark colors as sharp and crispy and not sad and depressing.

I’m always so surprised how different each shade of black can be. This month included three blacks: Pilot Namiki, Monteverde and Lamy, each with its own subtle color difference. The Pilot Namiki black seems to be the most neutral black of the three with the Monteverde having a purplish cast and the Lamy black being more of a dark gray. There are dozens upon dozens of other black inks on the market so it could take a lifetime to find the one that is “just right” but these are definitely a nice range. The Pilot Namiki black was the most water-resistant of the three if that’s a factor for you.

The other inks included were the De Atramentis Silver Grey which is a cool neutral gray and the Diamine Graphite which is a greenish gray in the Q-tip smudge but looks like a green-black in the writing sample.

If you are looking for a smart, professional ink for your fountain pen, any one of these would be appropriate.

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  1. I’m enjoying the Monteverde Black quite a bit. Unfortunately, I’ve used Lamy Black, Diamine Graphite, and Namiki Black before, so I didn’t get too much fun out of this month’s drop.

  2. I’ll have to get a bottle of the Pilot black. The standard Pilot blue is my all-time favourite fountain pen ink: affordable, water resistant, lovely shade and it smells great.

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