Ink Drop Reveal for April 2013

Ink Drop April 2013

When I first got interested in fountain pens, I wanted nothing to do with blue or black ink which was so readily available in the average American ballpoint or rollerball pen. I wanted the unique and uncommon colors found in fountain pen inks like greys, browns, purples and pinks. Over time though, I’ve discovered the vast array of subtle hues in blues and blacks and this month’s Ink Drop subscription from Goulet Pens is no exception. The collection is actually titled “Under The Sea” but, since it was raining, I mistakenly wrote “April Showers” which was the title of last year’s Ink Drop for April.

This month, from lightest to darkest:

  • Diamine Soft Mint: this is a lovely aqua color and surprisingly usable. I was concerned it might be too light but it showed up well on the paper. ($12.75 per bottle)
  • Lamy Turquoise: The Lamy Turquoise is brighter and more vivid than the Sheaffer Skrip Turquoise. I find it to be a really pretty blue color. And if you haven’t purchased a bottle of Lamy, I love the blotter paper built-in to the bottle. Super handy. ($8.50 per bottle)
  • Sheaffer Skrip Turquoise: The Sheaffer Turquoise is a bit more of a true blue turquoise. Its darker and richer in color than the Lamy Turquoise. Its also the most “out there” color that Sheaffer makes. I want to heartily support their forays into less traditional colors! ($9 per bottle)
  • Pilot Namiki Blue: The Pilot Namiki blue reminds me a rinsed denim blue. Its a classic blue color and the bottle is gorgeous. I know I shouldn’t be inclined to buy an ink just for the bottle but I might for the PIlot Namiki inks. ($12 per bottle)
  • DeAtramentis Indigo Blue: Last, but certainly not least, the DeAtramentis Indigo Blue moves into one of my favorite color categories — the blue-blacks. Its a lovely deep midnight blue and a definite strong contender if you’re looking for a blue-black. ($12.50 per bottle)

All the inks performed well on my stock paper (Miquelrius grid) using my vintage Easterbrook with a #9788 nib (shaded writing) which is a slightly flexible medium nib. There was no bleeding or feathering of any other issues. Anyone one or all of the colors would be a great addition to your ink collection. Yeah, ink!

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  1. I smiled a bit at your support of Sheaffer’s “forays into less traditional colors” as the only bottled ink I had in high school in the 1960s was Skrip Peacock Blue, which my memory thinks of as being closer to the Lamy turquoise.

    Thanks for the post

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