Uni-Ball Jetstream 0.38 Review

Uni Jetstream 0.38 black ink

I have generally had a bias against ballpoint pens. I remember the gloopy, messy ballpoints from childhood that write with wide strokes and leave an oily mess. The folks at Uni-Ball changed my opinion about ballpoints though with their Jetstream line. This is the Jetstream Ballpoint Pen 0.38 with light pink body and it features a retractable point and a silicone comfort grip area. While the outside plastic is a bit bubblegum pink for my taste, the pen writes with a tasteful 0.38mm black ink.

Uni Jetstream 0.38 black ink writing sample

Every time I use a Jetstream, I marvel at how smoothly they write. They never skip or glob like those ballpoint pens of the past. The 0.38 model is the finest line Jetstream I’ve seen so far and it definitely rivals the PIlot Hi-Tec C line for the smooth fine line.

The Jetstream 0.38 model is available in either red, black or blue ink with a black plastic body or in black ink with a choice of four pastel colored plastic bodies for $2.25 each.

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(This pen was sent to me by the kind folks at JStationery for review. All opinions are my own.)

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  1. Hey, Ana,
    You’re right–JetStreams are the best, even the cheap capped 4-packs. The Pilot AcroBall, though, gives them a very close run for their money. I started checking out ballpoints after a blissful year-long hiatus when I acquired, by default, the Field Notes Expedition pack of three and needed to find a pen that would smear on the plastic pages. Sadly, both the JetStream and the AcroBall smear like fingerpaint on the Expedition surface.

    If you have to use a pen with these books, the only safe bet is an old-fashioned BIC, or one of the cheap ballpoints with a proprietor’s name on the side. I was amazed, though, at how much ballpoint technology has evolved since I was in graduate school last (ugh!) century.

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