HERO Pen Winners

I’m happy to announce the winners of the HERO haiku/limerick/poetry contest.  I’d like to share their poetic worldplays too.

From Julia:

A fountain pen, found on the moon
Had a talent that caused me to swoon
I filled it with ink
(Leaning over the sink)
And the pen commenced singing a tune!

From Jean:

It was the dogeared years that most

inspired the calligraphers to say

the burgundy pen on the table was

none other than the famous Hero owned

by Sir John Hammond who inhabited

the Lakeland Guest House and brewed his own glogg.


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Honorable Mentions are:

Letters are meant to read,
either written with ink or lead,
sent coast to coast,
sometimes lost in the post,
but the LWA knows the best way it is said.

—- Antonio R.

There once was a fountain pen dubbed Hero.
Another Chinese knock-off, scoring a zero?
But The Well-Appointed Desk tried ‘em,
So I may have to buy ‘em –
Or hopefully get one sans dinero!

—– Ashli K.

A stationery blogger from Kansas City
Had a green pen that she thought very pretty;
She filled it with ink
Of a hideous pink,
And wrote out a humorous ditty.

— Alan B.

A simple letter
Traveling around the world
Brings such happiness

— Geoff

Thanks to everyone who played along and wrote verse, rhyme and poem. I love to read all the creative things you wrote. I will be contacting the winners to get their addresses. I wish I had more pens to give away to all of you!

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