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…. this just in….

TWSBI released their new notebooks… three sizes available in lined, grid and blank….STOP

New ink from Noodlers called Blue Nose Bear… blue with fluorescent, black-light reactive tones…STOP

in other news… The Pen Addict now has a Patter chat room on… Yahoo bought Tumblr and updated Flickr on the same day!… STOP

And now, back to your regularly scheduled blog already in progress. STOP.

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  1. Blue Nosed Bear is more green than blue. It’s an extremely wet ink- meant for art writing and flex nibs. Very pretty, but a bleeder. Works much better for me w/ an F nib. I was going to give it away, but I found the right pen for it (for me). It does some pretty neat stuff on cheap paper- neat looking turquoise halo when you use a broad or flex nib. I wouldn’t recommend it for everyday writing though – especially not in a Moleskine. 🙂

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