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While researching for the Free People office post the other day, I also found images of the neighboring Urban Outfitters office space and thought it would be fun to share this space as well. This is part of the old Philadelphia shipbuilding yard, a series of massive old buildings with some unusual elements that create a striking, grand space.


Lots of the original architectural details of the building was preserved while adding some modern and urban looking additions. There are even koi ponds in pits previous used for bending steel.



There is a wonderful video on the MS&R site that goes into more detail, with more images of the space, that is really quite moving. I’m not a huge fan of the Urban Outfitters brand in general but I think their workspace is hugely inspiring.



Oh, all those windows! I work in a cavelike space at the moment and have serious window-envy!

You can see more images of the Urban Outfitters office at Decor8.

(via MS&R Ltd)

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  1. I am in love with their windows too!! I would love to do over time if I had an office like this. I’m trying to recreate my garage as a great studio space and in the mean time I’m going to make the best of my creative space until I save up or win the lotto! lol

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