Customizing a Midori Traveler Notebook

Pictured with my large Pelle Journal for size and color comparison

Since unboxing my new Midori Traveler Notebook  (MTN) last week, I’ve been on the hunt for accessories and ways to customize it. There seems to be a lot of debate on whether to buy the Midori brand accessories or make your own. Every site I find that stocks MTNs and accessories tend to sell out of the accessories and notebook inserts fast so clearly they are popular. Being sold out may mean you have to make your own inserts or accessories.


Because the MTN do not have any built-in pockets for loose paper and business cards, the first thing I wanted to do was to find a folder or zipper pocket insert to catch those loose bits. I went to Baum-Kitchen first because they carry a wide variety of MTN products but the shop is closed until July 1– the family that runs the business just had a new baby. Then I hopped over to Goulet Pens to see if they had any in stock but they were sold out of the folder insert. Finally, I searched the internet to see if anyone had instructions or an image of what the folder looked like so I could make my own. That’s when I came across the My Life All in One Place and their tutorial to make a folder using a file folder. I winged it with an office folder and its a little shorter than I meant it to be and a touch wider but I measured it by holding one of the notebook inserts up to the folder and drawing some lines and doing a lot of lazy guess-timating so I’m just happy it turned out okay.



I wasn’t quite ready to invest in a set of four rubber bands for over $4 so I improvised with some produce rubber bands I found in my kitchen drawer. I found a blue one and a purple one and they seem to be working great and let me attach a second lined notebook to my blank book and then attaches my new folder to the lined notebook.


Leather Traveler's Notebook Charm from Baum-Kitchen
Leather Traveler’s Notebook Charm from Baum-Kitchen

I’m still considering adding other personalization like charms, stickers or stamps but I haven’t decided what I want yet. So, as it is right now, the book is fully functional albeit a little plain.

I found lots of videos of people waxing poetic about their MTN and showing off the ways they are using their MTN and the customizations they’ve done. Here’s a few if to inspire you:

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  1. Beautiful customization Anita, I love the Everything happens for a reason band where did you get that one?

    1. Hi Jose,

      Thank you so much for your interest in Traveler’s Notebook charm we recently designed as Baum-kuchen original item! We are a huge fun of Traveler’s Notebook so we are excited to share more accessories that makes your Traveler’s Notebook one of the kind!

      We are currently on a maternity leave but are taking PRE-ORDER for customers who are interested in receiving the items immediately after July 1st (if not sooner).

      Again thank you so much for your interest in our TN charm! I look forward to seeing you at the shop in the future:)

      all the best,


  2. Welcome to Midori TN Mania! 😉 I’ve been interested in comparing the Pelle Journal with the Midori TN. Thanks for the reference link…about a week ago I provide yet another video reviewing the original product (Midori) and some accessories (over at

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning Baum-kuchen on your MIDORI post! We are huge fun of MIDORI’s Traveler’s Notebook as well as other very thoughtful analogue stationery so it’s nice to see everyone gets excited about them:)

    We are taking a maternity leave (as you mentioned on your post) but are taking PRE-ORDER for most of the items. Items that are taken as PRE-ORDER during this month will be shipped on July 1st if not sooner.

    Again thank you so much for introducing Traveler’s Notebook and Baum-kuchen. We look forward to reading more of your blog posts in the future!

    all the best,


    1. I think that the perfect size Traveler’s Notebook really depends on what you want to use it for. I carry my Passport Size Traveler’s Notebook as my everyday wallet / calendar and use my regular size Traveler’s Notebook for sketching, writing…

      When I travel, I take my regular size Traveler’s Notebook since it fits not only my passport but also flight ticket and other travel related items as well as my sketchbook, things I collect during the trip, receipt, etc. etc.

      Please feel free to send me an email if you have any other questions reg. Traveler’s Notebook. I am happy to help out:)


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