Field Notes Night Sky Edition

Field Notes Night Sky Edition Summer 2013

Whenever the folks over at Coudal announce a new edition of the Colors series, the frenzy to get a set (or four) begins. I am lucky enough to have a subscription so as soon as the emails go out announcing the latest series, I know at least two sets of the books are winging their way to me. For Summer 2013, the new set is called Night Sky. The aesthetic is a smooth black, uncoated cardstock cover (French Construction 100#C in blacktop) with gray ink for the logo, branding and information. The back features constellations of the night sky in gray, dotted with holographic foil stars. It looks magical!

Inside, the folks at Field Notes must have heard the enthusiasm over the Finch 70#T used in the America The Beautiful sets because the same stock has been used for Night Sky in the 50#T weight — a little lighter weight but should hold up pretty well. Instead of lines or grid, they have printed each page with reticle graph markings in gray that evoke star charts and NASA photos.

I would like to remind you that these limited edition sets sell out very quickly so if you want one, I recommend you hop over to the Field Notes shop right now and order one because chances are, by this time next week, they will be sold out.

nightsky1 nightsky2

I will follow up with some writing samples in a few days and compare it to the 70#T paper used in the America The Beautiful set (which I realized I never tested).

View all the images of the new Field Notes Night Sky Colors set on Flickr.

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  1. Just ordered some. The reticle markings are intriguing.

    I switched to Field Notes for my day to day work note taking. The “pocketability” factor is key, but the aesthetics of the Field Notes books make them attractive to possess.

  2. Thanks, Ana… for the record, the 50#T Finch “Opaque Smooth Bright White” in the Night Sky Edition is the same paper we’ve used for the last few years in the standard editions. America the Beautiful was a different Finch, 70# Finch “Fine Soft White,” a different line and a heavier weight.

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