Ink Drop Reveal for May 2013: Favorites

Ink Drop May 2013

I am sorry I waited so long to show off the great collection of ink favorites from the Ink Drop for May 2013. This selection is called  “Because We Felt Like It” from the Goulet Pens staff as opposed to the trend lately of creating a theme for each month.

The colors are all right up my alley — rich, tertiary shades like a blue-black, a burgundy, a sepia, a turquoise and a delicious olive-y green. This is by far one of the first Ink Drop sets that I’ve considered buying bottles of all five colors.

I tested these colors with my early model Noodlers Nib Creaper Flex pen. This paper really isn’t designed for flexible nib fountain pens so all but the 54th Massachusetts bled on the paper. I am in the process of updating my ink testing notebook to one that supports fountain pens better than this behemoth. The colors are all readable and legible and gorgeous. I forgot to test the waterproofiness of these inks but 54th Massachusetts is a bulletproof ink so it should withstand just about anything you throw at it. The other inks are standard fountain pen inks so they will bleed or run if wet. The 54th Massachusetts did take longer to dry than the other inks, just so you know.

All these inks are available as samples ($1.25 or so per sample) and full bottles ($12-$12.50/bottle) of all these colors are still available.

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