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While testing out my new Quo Vadis Habana notebook with bright white paper, I decided to do swab tests of every single bottle of ink I currently own. To be fair, most of my ink was a recent acquisition thanks to Julie at Pens Paper Inks…Whatever. I won her giveaway for a mystery box of inks. What I thought would be maybe three bottles of ink turned out to be somewhere in the neighborhood of two dozen bottles, mostly full, of top-end inks, some sample bottles of ink (not shown), some notebooks and a colored pencil set. I was speechless, for weeks.


I added in my paltry collection of maybe half a dozen inks to create almost two full pages of swab samples. As I ink up a pen with the color, I am adding a small handwritten sample with the swab. I plan to do individual reviews of each color over the next couple months. If there are any that you are particularly curious about, leave a note in the comments and I’ll move it to the top of the list.

I tried to color correct these photos to the best of my ability but some of the colors were so vibrant that some of them got a bit blown out and I am discovering the challenge of color correcting for white paper. I will be experimenting with the best ways to photograph my writing samples so hopefully they will get better and more accurate.

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  1. I’m jealous… I also entered Julie’s giveway and couldn’t never imagine this.

    By the way, a Noodler’s Antietsm review would be nice.


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