June Ink Drop Reveal?


This month, Goulet Pens decided to trip up the Ink Drop subscribers with a “What’s in a Name?” theme. In other words, they send unlabelled vials and its our chance to guess the colors. If you guess correctly and enter your guess into the contest on Ink Nouveau, you could win a bottle of the ink. I must confess, I am absolutely clueless. None of the inks had a distinctive odor so that ruled out scented inks… after that… hmmm…?

I thought I might know a couple but, upon closer inspection, I am pretty sure my guesses are wrong. Inkdependence didn’t provide any clues in his write-up and I haven’t seen anyone else post about the colors yet. Any guesses?

Inks were tested on my new Quo Vadis Habana blank bright white notebook using a Noodlers Creaper flex pen.

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