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Karas Kustoms has launched their latest Kickstarter project, the RETRAKT. It is a retractable pen, hand-machined from metal that takes standard Pilot G2 refills. Like their earlier projects the Render K and the Bolt, the RETRAKT is an incredibly crafted piece. The folks at Karas Kustoms sent me the amazing brass edition of the RETRAKT. Its a weighty piece at over 60gms but I’ve been assured that the aluminum models weighs in similarly to the aluminum Render K models (about half that). My favorite part is the absolutely whisper-quiet retracting mechanism. Just click, click, click through a whole meeting without annoying your co-workers.

I made a little video to show off the smooth silent motion of the retractability. It was so quiet I had to add some music (my apologies to Brian Setzer).

You cannot see the seam in this pen where the refills go (tip, its just below the clip). That is craftsmanship! I filled mine with a Pilot Juice refill, because I could but it holds a G2 and several other similar shaped refills.

There are 45 days left in the funding drive on Kickstarter but at Day One, Karas Kustoms has already met their goal. The aluminum model is available at the $40 contribution level and a brass model like mine is available at the $60 contribution level. There is also a copper model available over the $90 contribution level. If you’d like to get in on the ground floor of this amazing pen, support the drive today and get your pen before the holidays.

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  1. The awesome deal gets nullified when I have to factor in an extra $25 to ship to Canada ;( maybe the next Kickstarter….

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