My Favorite Dymo: The M-6

My favorite labeller

I collect Dymo tape labellers with the same enthusiasm that I collect other desk accessories. I have a whole plastic bin full of tape labellers, mostly Dymo brand though occasionally I’ll stumble across a store brand or off-brand. They all take the same 3/8″ labels though some will also accept the harder-to-find 1/4″ label tapes.

My favorite of them all is a Dymo M-6 which came with two different removeable type discs: one in the classic blocky letters and one in a lowercase script. Did I mention the labeller is green? Why yes it is one of the items on the “if the house is burning down and the family is safe, I’d grab” list.

The M-6 in hand

A close up of Dymo lettering disks

I’ve seen other discs that can be used with this Dymo on the internet but have yet to find any I could purchase. Yet another collection to grow!

Dymo tape collection

I also have a label tape collection. My favorite is the wood grain which is running dangerously low and the cloth tape for labelling clothes on top. I want to get some of the metal tape to use with my larger industrial Dymo.

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    1. Feed the tape in inside the handle area so its facing up. Then squeeze the grip halfway to advance the tape without impressing the letters on the tape until the end appears through the hole at the disc. I can make a Periscope demo if that might help.

        1. Just pull out the roll and slide in a new one. If you hold the handle halfway down the tape should slide out.

  1. Just bought one at Goodwilly for 2 bucks – the cursive wheel has a bent “q”, but maybe I can apply some heat to straighten that out? I probably won’t use the “”q” much anyway, so if it falls off it won’t be too big of a deal. Can you get new wheels? I’ve got 3 wheels, one with larger blocky characters and one with smaller ones which also has arrows, $, &, %, +, -, cents, that the others don’t have. I didn’t realize that the tapes were so expensive ($10 for 3 rolls), so unless I can find a cheaper outlet, I may just yard sale it and get something different. The top handle has been partly broken off and it looks like someone tried to take it apart ….. I had a heckuva time getting the old tape spool out becuz they apparently crammed it in there w/o knowing what they were doing. I’d like to find an instruction manual for it, has a nice plastic case and all so the parts and tapes won’t get lost.
    Oh well, such is life at the thrift stores …..

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