The Search for the Perfect Green Pen Continues…

The Search for the perfect green pen continues

It will come as no surprise to anyone that green is my favorite color and I will always order a new green pen when I place an order online or see a brand or shade I don’t own in a shop. I haven’t bought a ton of green fountain pen inks but just give me a little time, I’m sure I will.

That said, I thought I would share my latest compare and contrast in the area of green gel pens (with a few other varieties thrown in for kicks). I’ve done this before but my collection has clearly grown over the past year or so.

Green Pen writing tests

I did not have room to include the specific shades of green in my handwritten sample but they all tend to be labelled either “green” or some shade leaning into the lime green, apple green or something else with the word “green” in the name. I do think that the new UniBall Signo RT1 0.38 is going to become one of my favorites. I like the yellow greens but they sometimes get too pale and hard to see, especially on lined paper.I have noticed that with some of the colors, going up from an 0.3/0.4 size to a 0.5 makes the color easier to use since it lays down a bit more ink making it a bit more readable.

What amazes me is how much variety the manufacturers can create with these colors. Its what keeps me trying new ones.

I’m starting to developing an equally large collection of blue-black pens too. Does anyone else buy every brand in their favorite color? If so, what your go-to color?

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  1. Probably you already know, but did you ever tried the pilot hi tec ( or g tec in western country) ? They sell it in a ton of different colours; i think that there are at least 10 different green colours.

    Hope you find tour color.

  2. I hate to make this suggestion, but research the Pelikan m600 Green o Green. Justdaveyb has some good pictures. The Aurora Optima in Green looks nice, but I haven’t picked one up yet.

  3. “Fresh green” from Pigma Micron is very nice, with a high yellow content. On Word. notebooks, it’s very nice (Microns look great on that paper for some reason).

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