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Sticky notes from Target

When Ardis sent me the Franklin Christoph ink samples, she also sent me a handful of sticky notes in an effort to help me find a better brand of sticky note. Included in the package was the mini iPhone notes (from Wal-Mart) and two sizes of Russel + Hazel sticky notes from Target.

iPhone notes

There were these silly iPhone shaped notes which I was skeptical would perform very well but was pleasantly surprised to discover that the paper was heavier than the average Post-It note and there were light grey lines to keep everything neat and tidy. What surprised me was how well is handled my fountain pen inks. I was using fairly fine nibbed fountain pens and medium darkness colors so I didn’t throw jet black ink in a 2.0 stub or anything but, still, I was pleasantly surprised. And the notes are good and sticky too. Ardis said she grabbed these are Target for 99¢ and that there were also larger iPad sized notes, if you are so inclined.

Small Russel + Hazel notes

The small Russel + Hazel adhesive notes are 4×4″ and are listed as “genuine Post-It brand” so they are good and sticky. The paper seems slightly better than regular Post-It paper but not as good as the iPhone notes. The light green lines are really nice for list making or not just writing three big words on a sticky which is what I normally do. Most of the regular pens like a rollerball, felt tip and such performed fine. There was none of that weird ink beading that happens on cheap sticky notes. The Noodler’s Army Green ink splined a little bit and there was more softness to the Kaweco Green ink as well so its not quite fountain pen friendly but its better than most. These sell of $10 per pad of 50 sheets which seems a bit steep for slightly-better-than-your-average sticky notes.

Large Russel + Hazel notes

The larger pink notes appeared to be the same paper quality as their diminutive cousins but provide more real estate. The light lines with circles at the end and digits at the beginning were clearly made for listmakers.

Does anyone have any recommendations for other sticky notes I should try in the hunt for the better sticky note?

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