Rolodex, Roll-O Decks… where have you been?

Roll-o Decks

I miss Rolodexes. Sure, I love having my iPhone with all my addresses and contacts in it but I miss Rolodexes just the same. All those little cards with names, phone numbers added and crossed off and added again; business cards stapled to a card; or those extra special cards that either came pre-cut to fit in your Rolodex or earned the rare plastic sleeve to make it easier to find.

When I found this article about Envelopements custom made and wildly colorful Rolodex that they call a Roll-O Decks, I wanted one with the passion of a toddler in the toy aisle at Target. Let’s just say that when I discovered that Envelopements is no longer selling them that the toddler metaphor continued to the tantrum I threw knowing I couldn’t order one RIGHT NOW.

What it did leave me was with the distinctive urge to make my own colorful Rolodex. I could fill it with contact information, idea starters or just admire its rainbow of colors.

Now I just need to find the perfect vintage Rolodex to start my project…

vintage Rolodex

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  1. Oh NO! I followed along with full intention to order that colorful Roll-O-Decks goodie, only to completely deflate when I found it’s not available. I hate that pit of the stomach, gut wrenching feeling of disappointment. Off to throw a full fledged tantrum of my own! Grrrrr!

  2. I know I know what you mean. How many teenagers and kids grow up today not knowing what the Rolodex is. I’m embarrassed about how many times I’ve said “I think I have their number in my rolodex” when we all know I meant phone… How about the old kind that you slid the pointy thing to the letter you wanted then hit the release bar at the bottom and the lid popped up to the L’s like a magic Star Trek transporter…..But I digress.

    1. Hey it’s 10 years later Bob and really still the same. I like to ask the younger people have they ever used a Rolodex and usually it’s what’s that??? I ask what do you think it is … that’s the best part then you pull it out. Awesome

  3. You can’t even imagine how disappointed I am to discover there isn’t a big round Roll-O-Deck available to order here!!! I had one of these years ago, finally gave it to Good Will, only to realize later that I needed it desperately in my craft room to categorize my ink pad colors. I have one of those “flat” styles that replaced these big round ones, and it doesn’t hold enough cards. If you ever discover who sells these, please let me know asap!

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