My Field Notes Collection

I’ve noticed several other folks collecting their Field Notes into one big collection so here is mine. I don’t have a ton and I certainly haven’t gone crazy collecting all the rare special editions but I think its a healthy collection. How many do you have?

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  1. I went and used 2/3 of my Night Sky books because the paper is so good to write on. Whenever I see these lovely pristine collections I start feeling like I wasn’t supposed to!

  2. Wow, I never thought of collecting notebooks just for the collecting purpose. I have acquired alot of notebooks and look for reasons to write in them, just never thought of it as a “collection”. You have opened my eyes wider I thank you and admire your collection.

  3. I’ve got the America the Beautiful and Night Sky set aside as a collection (in infancy). I use the Expedition series (though I have enough to set aside one for the collection). I’ll be adding to it as new series roll out (and buying originals to write in). In total…twenty one or so notebooks.

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