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  1. Last year while travelling in Venice (Italy), I visited a small shop that sold exquisite Venetian glass seals, glass dip pens, and leather journals. Of course, I purchased all three! 😉 Their seals are lovely and very well made, with interchangeable sealing “coins”. My seal has a fascinating black/gold/clear glass stem, with metal (pewter?) top cap. It is so lovely, I keep it on display on a shelf in my office along with the glass pen, inkwell and blotter. I believe the seals (coins) are hand forged in Venice, as well as the glass.


    While I haven’t investigated as to whether or not there are US dealers who carry their goods, I have ordered a couple of items as gifts directly from them in Italy. They were great to work with and order from, although as expected, the shipping costs can add up. Good luck in finding your seal.

  2. Papier Plume (http://www.papierplume.com) locally has had some interesting things in past visits. I was looking at Stuart Houghton (UK based) seals locally as well and found all manner of impressions for wax. (In the interest of disclosure: I have no affiliation with the shop or brand listed other than spending an undue portion of my paycheck with them.)

  3. Watch out, this looks like a bank wax. That means, that it breaks very easily (so one can say, that somebody was trying to look on something what is confidential etc.) and is not suitable for letters and mailing. It is perfect for sealing of bottles for example (or confidential documents, if you want to sea, that somebody has opened them :D)…

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