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My stash of Washi tape

I pulled open my “tape drawer” to add a few rolls of the new Scotch “washi” tape to discover that I have amassed quite a collection lately. Some might call it a problem. I call it an enthusiasm.

The best washi tape is still the MT brand from Japan. While the Cavallini paper tape is gorgeous, it doesn’t peel off the roll worth a darn. The new Scotch brand washi tape is a little shinier on the surface than true washi tape but for the price and availability, I’d say grab a couple rolls and decide for yourself. The Martha Stewart paper tape is shiny too and not particularly sticky so I would pass on it completely in the future.

Do you stock up on washi tapes? How many rolls do you have?

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  1. I only have one roll (of hello kitty and strip, from Micheals) and I don’t scrap book enough to need more. I have seen the Taiwan national museum with the emperor edition. The tape has the Qing Dynasty Emperor like Kangxi and Qianlong’s (both are well-known calligrapher) brush writing of “I (my highness) have read that” or something like that, I wouldn’t mind getting a few rolls of those.

  2. That’s quite a collection! I envy you the Halloween three pack in the photo. Japanese washi tape is the only tape worth purchasing.

  3. I love your collection! And JaniceMarie, I am so jealous. I love washi tape, but I can’t justify the cost since I only use it when journaling or wrapping presents. (I only have 26 rolls and 10 of those are the thin kind). A local bookstore now stocks MT tape and I’m having a hard time just looking and not buying!

  4. “Hello Kitty Washi Tape” – Perfect. You’ve just combined two things I totally do not understand into one thing.

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