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  1. So what I’m hearing in the “signature” section is all doctors are “very private” and “hard to read or understand”?

  2. I wonder how accurate these claims are in predicting your personality.

    They are generalizations based on some level of research and statistical sampling, I suppose.

    Interesting read though.

    About a year ago my writing had a definite slant to the right.

    But now my writing has no slant at all.

    I didn’t see a change in my personality as a result.

    1. I agree that the accuracy of these analyses might be a bit iffy but I find it curious and entertaining in the same way that I find reading my horoscope in the paper to be pleasantly diverting.

      I think writing slant can be influenced by writing angle, paper being lined or not or even writing tool but I suppose we all have a certain predisposition for a writing angle. With people in general not utilizing writing skills as much as in the past, I also wonder how much of this still hold true.

      Thanks for the great comments!

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