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Meg Hunt Scout Books

Scout Books have introduced illustrated cover versions of their 3.5×5″ pocket notebooks. The Animals set by Meg Hunt features three whimsical designs on each of the three notebooks in the set in full color. Similarly, the Cosmos set by Andrea Kalfas also has a unique design on each blank book in the stellar set: Perseus, Virgo and Capricorn. There is also the Flora & Fauna set by Perrin. The three designs in this set feature bugs, flowers, snakes and bell jars in a limited palette of red and blues.

Perrin Scout Books

I like all three sets. I think they’d make great gift ideas for pen geeks and art lovers alike. Each set is blank paper, includes three books and cost $10 per set. Of course, you can still purchase the plain kraft cover editions which are available in a wider variety or writing paper inside or consider having some custom made as well.

Andrea Kalfas Scout Books

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